Can I Upgrade My Laptop Processor

No, with most laptops, you can’t.

There are laptops like the Acer Predator 21x that cost thousands and thousands of dollars, but you don’t want that! 😬 I don’t want that!

Depending on the type of processor and chipset family that supports your portable computer motherboard. If it is a 4th gen CPU, you can go ahead and upgrade it to a 4th gen i5 or i7 with the same selector support.

However, as mentioned earlier, many laptops do not support processor development.

Can I Upgrade My Computer Processor From I5 to I7?

And, if your laptop supports it, yes you can, otherwise, you can’t. And guess what? Most laptops do not support processor development, unfortunately.

You will need to find a new laptop with the i7 processor you want. Browse our blog, you will find tons of portable computers that are very affordable.

Can I Upgrade My Computer Processor From AMD To Intel?

That is even harder!

Finding a portable computer that supports CPU upgrades is difficult, and finding what can allow you to move from an AMD processor to an Intel, is even harder!

Instead, go check out these AMD CPU laptops, there are good options to choose from. Don’t make things difficult for yourself, just spend a little money and save yourself every head.

Can I Upgrade My Computer RAM And Processor?

Yes, you can upgrade your portable computer RAM. No, you may not be able to upgrade your portable computer processor, as mentioned earlier.

Even now most laptops based on modern windows support the option of upgraded memory (RAM), unlike Apple laptops.

  1. Go to the Crucial website.
  2. Choose the manufacturer of your portable computer.
  3. Select the product family.
  4. Choose your portable computer model.
  5. Click the “Get Upgrade” button.

Is It Appropriate to Upgrade from I5 to I7?

Yes, it is!

I have been using the i5 5th gen processor laptop for a while, I was not very happy with my experience with that laptop. Then I decided to upgrade it to a 7th gen i7 laptop, and the performance was incredible!

I have been using that laptop for about 3 years now and I am still almost happy to work.

Although now I feel the need to upgrade it and also get the latest AMD CPU laptop supported.

I can do it in 2021, who knows? 🙄

How Faster Is I7 Than I5?

When I upgraded mine from 5th gen i5 to 7th gen i7, I felt like the performance was more than three times!

But if you want to see the difference in performance on real math and benchmarks, check it out here.


I hope this article has been of some help!

To sum it all up, no, you can’t upgrade laptop processors unless the laptop clearly says you can in its specs sheet or box somewhere.

Hopefully, you will know when your laptop supports CPU development, as the manufacturer would like to advertise that feature throughout the laptop marketing campaign.


Can I change the processor on my laptop?

And, as much as we hate to be the bearer of bad news, most laptop processors cannot be upgraded. Some laptops have replaceable CPUs, but they are pricey and difficult to locate.

How do I know if my laptop processor is upgradeable?

A configurator tool, such as Crucial Memory’s Advisor Tool, is the best way to determine whether your laptop is upgradeable and what parts you need to upgrade it.

How much does it cost to replace or upgrade a laptop processor?

Changing your laptop CPU, if possible, might cost you up to and possibly over $1000. An upgrade is sometimes possible, especially if the processor sockets of the old CPU and its successor are equivalent.

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