How To Connect A Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard To A Samsung Tablet?

The wireless keyboard is furious. Now as all laptops are integrated, a full-size keyboard is a luxury. Not that you will need a computer keyboard.

Tablets have all the features of a portable computer, but it has a screen keyboard. On-screen keyboards are good, but using a regular keyboard is very satisfying.

Connecting Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard to Samsung tablet

Samsung tablets are one of the best tablets, which can be used as a laptop. If you used to use a regular keyboard, you may want to have a wireless option. You can connect a Bluetooth wireless keyboard for a short distance of only 30 feet.

It is straightforward to set up Bluetooth; you can adjust the keyboard to connect to the tablet by simply closing the keyboard, and then opening it again while it is close to the tablet.

It may also require a password or payment code. Some may not be so easy; will expect compliance configuration. The best part is that you do not need to match the wires, but the code will do the trick.

However, it is possible that sometimes the most straightforward work can be a headache, so let me take you to the connection system for a better understanding. If you feel trapped, you can find that number of instructions.

Your tablet and your wireless keyboard come with their instruction manual. If you can’t find it, don’t worry I will explain all the possible ways to connect the keyboard to your tablet.

This set of instructions is the most basic. I hope it will connect devices soon.


  1. Tap the app icon on your tablet.
  2. In the Applications window, tap the Settings icon.
  3. In settings, press Wireless & Networks.
  4. Turn on Bluetooth by pressing Bluetooth to turn it on. When unlocked it will show a green marker.
  5. Tap Bluetooth Settings
  6. In Bluetooth settings, tap “find nearby devices”.
  7. Now open your keyboard.
  8. There is a connect button on the keyboard until the connect button starts blinking.
  9. Now check the device name that should appear on the screen.
  10. Tap on the name of your device. It will introduce the match code.
  11. Type the PIN code displayed on the screen and press the Enter key.
  12. Now your keyboard should be connected to the screen and the window should disappear at this time.

If you feel like your keyboard is disconnected. There are a few details you should check to pass on.

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Reset your Bluetooth Keyboard To set it again:

If you’re somehow unable to connect, try relaxing the keyboard here’s how you can reset the Logitech wireless keyboard.

steps To reset your keyboard:

  • You must connect a Bluetooth keyboard with a USB receiver.
  • Check if it has a reset button, if it does, then press the Connect or Reset button on the USB receiver.
  • On the bottom of your keyboard, press the Connect or Reset button.
  • Then restart the tablet and keyboard.

Most of the time it will work for you. If you feel that you have not already done so, try again.

There are a few other problems you may face. Let me explain it below.


It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to fix if you have a problem with incompatibility. All you have to do is hold the F11 key until the tablet is compatible with the keyboard. I hope you say it will work for you. It is a shortcut for pairing the keyboard and tablet.


You may also troubleshoot your tablet’s keyboard software. It will get to the point and solve it, or it will let you know the problem so you can fix it.

update your keyboard software:

If the reset method does not work, check the software. Your keyboard software may be out of date. Update the software and try to connect it again. The software is available on the Logitech website. On the site, you should see the keyboard in the list. It will have updated software for your keyboard. Download the software and update it. If you do not find the software on the website then you do not need to update the software. Now it will connect with hope.

replace your old batteries

If the cells are worn or used, then communication is not the best. Your keyboard may need new batteries. Keep an extra set of batteries in hand.

interruption from wireless interfere

There is a chance that your keyboard signals will be interrupted due to some wireless devices. Like the keyboard, other devices work as wireless; many messages can create a flood of signals. So, if you have a lot of other tools that are wireless and close.

If you think so, you are having trouble connecting to this issue, and then you leave or disconnect other wireless devices. If you know you are away from distractions then try to connect. It should connect easily.

assist from Logitech customer support

Logitech provides customer support on its website. Whatever the problem you are facing with the keyboard, it will find you useful solutions.

If you are having trouble with your Logitech keyboard. Go to the website and select your keyboard from the product list. For your convenience, they have put a box where you can write to Logitech to explain your problem and the company will contact you again for a solution

get customer support through Logitech mobile app

You can find a solution for customer support on the website, but Logitech has come up with an application. Logitech Options is a great and easy-to-use app.

You can customize your device with the options provided. You can find your device in the app. From there you can switch and set it in a matter of seconds. It performs the same functionality as the website but in a more accessible way. You can find solutions and software for your keyboard easily.

How do I connect my Logitech keyboard to my Android tablet?

On an Android device, type: Tap Bluetooth and confirm that it is turned on in Settings > Wireless and Networks. When a list of Bluetooth wireless devices appears, select the Logitech Keyboard K480 and press the Next button. To finish the pairing, follow the onscreen instructions.

Can I use a Bluetooth keyboard with a Samsung tablet?

Link to Android

Open Settings and then Bluetooth on the tablet. Turn on the Bluetooth. Choose “search for devices.” Select the keyboard you want to pair.

Does Logitech work with Samsung tablet?

Logitech takes an award-winning Zagg case and adds an acclaimed Logitech Bluetooth wireless keyboard for use with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi edition. This means that you get the best possible case and keyboard solution available.

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