Best Ways To Draw On Laptop Without Touch Screen Laptop | 2024

In addition, you can use a digital notepad or a web application and a mouse to write (or draw) on a laptop without a touch screen (whiteboard application, PDF editor, etc.).

If you have decided to buy one for yourself. then here is a list of the Best touchscreen laptops of 2023.

1. Use the SmartPad to type on a laptop without a touchscreen

If you are a fan of traditional note-taking or drawing, using a smartpad is the best solution when you’re using a laptop that doesn’t have a touchscreen.

The methodology for connecting a digital notebook to a notebook without a touchscreen is very simple: All you have to do is connect a device like the Wacom Bamboo Folio to your notebook, tablet, or phone via Bluetooth.

Then just start writing or drawing on blank paper with a traditional pen and the digital notebook will automatically digitize it and transfer it to your device.

2. Use a stylus for without-touch-screen laptops

Another smart thing to do is to use a combination of your laptop’s passive stylus and trackpad. This is by far the cheapest solution as you only have to pay for a cheap stylus pen.

On the other hand, this solution is not the most accurate. Most laptop trackpads are not very large, which is why drawing on them is not recommended. Still, any passive stylus is more accurate than your finger. Therefore, this combination is a great choice for writing occasional notes in applications such as Microsoft One Note or Evernote.

3. Use a graphics tablet attachment to draw on a laptop without a touchscreen

You can draw directly on the drawing tablet screen instead of a blank whiteboard like a graphics tablet. it works well and provides the most intuitive benefits of typing and drawing on a without-touchscreen laptop. The downside is that it is the least cost-effective option.

These drawing tablets include a stylus and their own software, which can be installed on the computer or laptop to which it is connected.

As with smart digitizers like the Bamboo Folio, graphics tablets are external devices that allow you to draw on your laptop without a touchscreen. In fact, it is the most popular solution preferred by both beginners and professionals. There are different graphics tablets for every budget and expertise.

With a drawing tablet like the XP Pen and Wacom Intuos (see below), you can easily draw and write digitally on the writing pad of any laptop or desktop computer. The methodology is quite simple as all you have to do is connect your tablet via Bluetooth or USB. It is one of the most advanced solutions in terms of accuracy and overall performance.

4. Use a web app or online whiteboard

If you don’t want to buy any type of external device or pen, there is a workaround. You can use a mouse or even your fingers (if not a passive stylus) on the trackpad. It is a reliable solution for digital whiteboard applications such as Limnu or Google Keep. So this is a smart solution for those who need nothing more than occasional note-taking.

Limnu Whiteboard application

Limnu is one of the first and most popular whiteboard apps on the market. With its super simple user interface and experience, Limnu is one of the best ways to write and draw on a laptop without a touchscreen. With Limnu, just use the mouse or your fingers on the trackpad. The whiteboard has numerous correction tools to help you write and draw without a stylus.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a note-keeping and organizing service offered by Google since 2013. This app is great for instantly creating, sorting, and jotting down notes. For this reason, it is one of the best ways to write and draw on a laptop without a touchscreen. Google Keep is a smart solution for those who want a quick way to save notes using a mouse, trackpad, or keyboard.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft One Note is another super popular online whiteboard. This app is very useful for creating personalized notes, drawings, and diagrams in no time. The app also allows you to instantly collaborate with your team, share notes, or hold video conferences. For this reason, it is a versatile application for writing and drawing on a without-touchscreen pad.

Notes application (Apple)

For those of you who own a without-touchscreen MacBook, the Notes app is the way to go. Notes are already pre-installed on all Apple desktops and laptops. So you don’t have to worry about downloading or purchasing it. Ultimately, the user experience is easy and there is no need to learn.

5. Scan the written notes into the text you want to type on the laptop screen

Another way to transfer notes and drawings to laptops without a touchscreen is to use scanning apps like CamScanner. This type of application allows you to use your mobile phone as a PDF scanner. Likewise, the methodology is relatively simple. All you have to do is:

  • Download the scanner app to your phone
  • Scan your notes or drawings and save them as PDF files.
  • Transfer them to your laptop using Bluetooth, Google Drive, iCloud, or another method.


Of all the scanning apps, we found CamScanner to be the most reliable choice. The app is very easy to use and learn and the scan quality is one of the best on the market. It’s a fantastic way to transfer your notes and drawings to your notebook quickly and efficiently. Once you have the PDF or JPG file on your laptop, you can even use an optical character recognition (OCR) application like Office Lens and manipulate it accordingly.

Adobe Scan

This is an amazing alternative to CamScanner. Adobe Scan actually does more than one job. This app doesn’t just scan your notes or drawings. Thanks to integrated OCR technology, Adobe Scan also allows you to extract your notes into doc files (such as Microsoft Word). So it’s the perfect all-rounder for scanning written notes to text.

6. Drawing tablet with screen: Drawing directly on the display with a laptop without a touch screen

With this type of tablet, you can draw directly on the screen, rather than on a blank whiteboard like a standard graphics tablet. this works well and provides the most natural typing/drawing movements on a touchscreen laptop. It is more expensive than the other options available.

These drawing tablets include a stylus and their own software, which can be installed on the computer or laptop to which it is connected.

Of all the solutions explored in this helpful guide, this is definitely the most advanced. Buying a drawing tablet with a screen is a wonderful solution for writing and drawing on a laptop without a touch screen. The process is similar to that of drawing tablets without a screen. Like the Wacom Intuos reviewed above.

This means that when you connect your tablet to your laptop, you can draw and write directly on the display of your drawing tablet. Although this type of device offers a premium experience, it is also the most expensive solution.


Gaomon is a popular drawing tablet with a display that comes at a reasonable price. This model has an 11.6-inch tilt-support display and an amazing pen with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. So Gaomon PD1161 is the most advanced way to draw on a laptop without a touch screen.


As previously stated, XP-Pen is one of the most dependable brands of drawing tablets. The same holds true for advanced drawing monitors. With its brand new Artist12, the brand has created an affordable drawing tablet with a display without compromising on quality. The full HD 11.6-inch display looks fantastic and the pen is great.

7. Document camera: drawing and writing on a laptop without a touch screen for teaching

Last but not least, using a document camera is a great way to transfer your drawings and notes to a laptop without a touch screen. Contrary to what many people believe, learning how to use a documentary camera is very easy. All you have to do is buy a document camera, use an app like IPEVO, and transfer any physical recording to your laptop screen.

Final words

Typing on a laptop that doesn’t have a touch screen can be done in a variety of ways. What you choose will depend on what you need… if you’re a teacher or student, you might want to consider using a stylus on a trackpad because it’s more portable.

If you’re using it for work or for art to draw, then you’ll probably want to use a graphics tablet or pen tablet for handwritten notes and writing.

Frequently asked questions

How Can I Use A Pen To Write On My Laptop?

There are different ways to use a pen and write on a laptop without a touch screen. You can either:

1. Use a passive pen and write on the laptop trackpad (no connection required).

2. Connect your notebook to a drawing pad such as an XP-Pen or Wacom Intuos via Bluetooth or USB. These devices will act as an active canvas and automatically transfer pen movements to your screen.

3. Connect your laptop to the drawing tablet with the screen via Bluetooth or USB. This is very similar to the previous solution, except that these advanced tablets have integrated displays on which you can write or draw.

How To Make A Touch Screen Laptop Without A Touch Screen?

There are two different ways to make your laptop touch-sensitive. You can use either a graphics tablet or a drawing tablet. Both solutions work similarly.

So a graphics tablet or drawing tablet acts as a touch surface that you can use to replace a without-touch display. Gestures and movements from the surface are automatically transferred to your laptop screen.

Which Is Better For Drawing On A Touchscreen: A Laptop Stylus Or Drawing On A Wacom Tablet?

As with most debates of this nature, the answer depends on your personal needs. So if you happen to need to keep some notes, then using a passive stylus and trackpad is the best solution. On the other hand, Wacom tablets are generally better for advanced drawing and more complex projects. Of course, all drawing tablets are several times more expensive than an ordinary laptop stylus.

How To Write And Draw On A Laptop Without A Touch Screen?

The most common way to write or draw on a laptop without a screen is to use a graphics tablet or camera app and mouse.

Here’s how you can type on a laptop without a touchscreen:

  • First, connect your graphics tablet to your laptop.
  • Install all necessary drivers according to the supplied graphics tablet
  • Next, search for the stylus and adjust the settings using its software.
  • Finally, start drawing and writing with your favorite drawing or note-taking app.
  • This will work for both touch screen and touch screen devices.

Can You Type On A Laptop Screen? (Without-Touch Display)?

Yes, there are three ways: A drawing application such as Adobe Acrobat (PDF), a digital whiteboard application, and using a drawing tablet and stylus. Alternatively, you can also mirror iPad content to a without-touchscreen laptop.

Can You Use A Stylus On A Laptop Without A Touchscreen?

Yes, you can use an active or capacitive stylus, but you will need to connect a drawing tablet or graphics tablet. You can also use a regular tablet like an iPad with the Apple pencil stylus mirrored on your tablet.

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