How To Measure Laptop Size

See a backpack or carry an online bag that you like, but are not sure if will fit your laptop. The website description says it can fit a 15.6 ”laptop” so does that mean your Lenovo ThinkPad can fit properly on it?

In this article, I shed light on the industry and teach you how to measure laptop size so that you can find a bag that will fit your laptop and look great when shopping online.

First, the size of the Laptop means the size of the screen

For non-technical junkies, this can be quite confusing. It’s easy to misinterpret the number that comes with the name of your laptop, such as 13.3 “MacBook Pro, for laptop width.

The number is used to indicate the screen size of the portable computer.

Using the example of 13.3 ”portable 3 models, I see that although the screen sizes are similar, their scope is different.

To measure the size of a portable computer screen, take a measurement tape and start measuring from the bottom left of the laptop screen by scrolling to the top right of the laptop screen. That’s your laptop size.

>> here is a guide about Laptop screen rotation.

Note that the screen size does not include a bezel, which is a groove casing around the screen to position it.

The standard unit of measurement used to measure laptops is usually in inches, but some retailers prefer to measure it in inches.

Some standard laptop screen sizes include but are not limited to:

Laptop/Tablet in Inches           Laptop/Tablet in Centimeters
11.6” 29.46 cm
12.1” 30.73 cm
13.3” 33.78 cm
14” 35.56 cm
15” 38.1 cm
15.6” 39.62 cm
17” 43.18 cm

Measurement Laptop Size

Now that I have clarified the definition of the size of a laptop, it is time to measure the laptop size of your laptop! Size is part of the important information you will need to buy your laptop bags online.

Laptops are usually measured in width x height x depth, and the size is usually represented in inches.

Measure Width

Let’s start by measuring the width. Take your measuring tape and place it horizontally across your laptop from left to right. This is the width of the laptop.

Measure Depth

Next, take your measuring tape and place it vertically throughout your closed laptop from top to bottom. This is the laptop’s depth.

Measure Height

To find the right length of your laptop, you will need to completely turn off your laptop and measure from the bottom of the laptop to the top.

What is the most common laptop screen size?

Standard laptop models often have a 13-inch to 15-inch widescreen LCD with a resolution of 1280 800 dots or 1366 768 dots. This level of resolution is adequate for basic Windows functions, but a big, high-resolution computer screen is far more user-friendly.

How is the screen size of a laptop computer measured

Take a measuring tape and begin measuring diagonally from the bottom left of the laptop screen to the top right of the laptop screen. That is the size of your laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a standard-size laptop?

A standard or medium-sized laptop computer has a screen size ranging from 14 to 16 inches, with a slightly larger width than the advertised screen width. Depth is usually 11 inches.

Is the size of the laptop computer measured in sequence?

The fact of the fact: the inch size of your portable computer defines the edge of the screen on the edge in equal measure. This size excludes the ‘bezel’ (the case around the screen itself) which can add an extra inch in size. Therefore, you need to measure your laptop separately from edge to edge.

What is the most common laptop screen size?

So what is the average screen size of a laptop? On average, the most popular laptops have a screen size of between 13 and 15 inches. 13 inches is standard, but some models lean on the small or large side, some between 11 and 17 inches.

What computer size bag should I get?

So you should look for a laptop bag up to 15.6 inches in size. Note: Some laptops have a wide range around their display. If your laptop has this too, you should include it in your scale. Because of this, your 15-inch laptop may not fit inside a 15-inch bag.

How do you measure a 13-inch laptop?

Laptop screen size is measured in inches, respectively from corner to corner (excluding the bezel). You will take a measuring tape and place it in the lower-left corner and measure the screen at the top right corner; convert it into inches. This will be the screen size of your computer.

What is a 15.6-inch laptop?

Most standard 15-inch laptops are too big to fit in your lap and are too heavy to hold all day. The 15-inch scale weighs 5 pounds, which will weigh on your legs or your forearm.

How wide is the 15.6-inch laptop?

The 13.6 “width (side and side) looks to match the 15.6” screen for size measure.

How big is a 16-inch laptop?

It is 14.09 inches (35.79 cm) wide. 9.68 cm (24.59 cm) depth.

What is the size of a 17-inch laptop?

Example: 17 “Laptop sleeve usually has the following dimensions: 42,5 * 35,0 (cm) 16,7 * 13.8 (inch).

Can a 17-inch laptop fit a backpack?

Lastly – but at least! – is a Knack Large Laptop Backpack, designed to hold 17-inch laptops. Extended, this laptop backpack holds 22 liters of gear, clothes, and other necessities you have every day.

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