How to Switch on Keyboard Light in HP Laptop? [solved]

Quick Solution

  • F5 KEY
  • F9 or F11 KEY
  • FN + F5 KEY
  • F9 or F11 KEY with FN KEY

Apart from the reality that it enables typing in the dark, a backlit keyboard appears surprisingly cool. Most modern laptops, including many models by HP, are equipped with this feature.

Coming in with adjustable brightness levels and RGB colors, a backlit keyboard is almost indispensable for night owls and gamers out there. 

Anyway, this guide is all about backlit keyboards in HP laptops. So let’s get started and figure out how to deal with keyboard backlighting in your HP laptop.

How do I Turn On the Keyboard Lights on my HP Laptop?

If your HP laptop features a keyboard backlighting then, turning on the keyboard lights is a simple task. Many HP laptops require just the hit of a single key to turn on the keyboard lights while others may require a combination of keys. 

Follow these steps to turn on the keyboard lights on your HP laptop:

  1. Look for the backlighting button on your keyboard. You can find it inside the feature keys row (categorized as F1, F2, etc.). It is frequently the F5 key, represented via way of means of an icon with 3 mild rays flashing out from 3 rectangular keys. 
  2. Once you press this icon, the backlighting of your keyboard will be turned on.

If this technique does now no longer be just right for you then,

  • Try using the Fn + F5 key combination simultaneously.

Or, it’s also viable that your PC version helps a few different characteristic key aggregates for keyboard backlighting. In that case, you can try out the following:

  1. Look for the backlighting icon at the F9 or F11 key.
  2. Use either of these keys in combination with the ‘Fn’ key which is often located in the last row of your keyboard, adjacent to the spacebar. 
  3. Press the correct key combination simultaneously to turn on your keyboard’s backlight.

How to Change Keyboard Light Color on HP Laptop?

If your HP laptop supports the RGB backlighting feature, you can assign different colors to particular keys and play with funky colors to match your gaming zone. 

If your laptop supports RGB colors then, it often comes with special means of configuration as well. For an HP Omen laptop, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the Omen Command Center on your HP laptop.
  2. Next, find and select ‘lighting’ from the navigation on the left.
  3. In the keyboard settings, you’ll see the Animated, Static, and Off options. 

Static Mode

  1. If you want to personalize your keyboard and assign specific colors to the keys or keyboard zones then, choose ‘Static’. 
  2. From the menu, you can choose pre-designed templates or create your own custom combinations.
  3. Once you’re accomplished with customizing, press practice and revel in your keyboard.

Animation Mode

HP Omen Laptops offer a cool animation feature that allows you to configure the backlight of your Keyboard in a manner that brightens or pulses with the bass and treble inside your system. 

To animate your backlit keyboard:

  1. Open the Omen Command Center on your laptop.
  2. Next, visit the lights menu from the left navigation bar.
  3. Under the keyboard settings, choose the ‘Animation’ mode. 
  4. From here, you may practice preloaded animation settings or create your custom color schemes for the keyboard.
  5. Once you’re done with settings, press ‘Apply’ and enjoy the animated backlit keyboard of your HP Omen laptop.

For Other HP Laptops

The aforementioned method is only applicable for adjusting backlight settings in HP Omen laptops. While nearly every PC comes with a completely unique configuration system, the subsequent technique works for most:

To adjust the keyboard backlighting color on your HP laptop:

  1. Press the Fn + C key combinations simultaneously on your keyboard. 
  2. If your keyboard supports different backlight colors, pressing these key combinations will change the color from the available options.

How to Turn Off Keyboard Light in HP Laptop?

Turning off the keyboard light in an HP laptop is as simple as turning it on. You just need to look for the right key or key combinations to turn off the backlighting.

  • Use the same key or key combinations to turn off the keyboard light that you used to turn them on in the first place.
  • In most cases, it is either F5, F9, or F11 or a combination of one of these keys with the ‘Fn’ key on your keyboard. 

How to Turn on HP Keyboard Light Using Control Panel?

In case the key combinations don’t work for you (which is very rare), you can try turning on the keyboard light using the Control Panel as well. 

To turn on the keyboard light using the control panel, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the Control Panel on your laptop. If you can’t find it, simply search for it in the Start menu of your laptop.
  2. Now, open the Windows Mobility Center settings from the Control Panel.
  3. On the next screen, find and open the Keyboard Backlighting settings.
  4. Now finally, turn on/off the backlighting of your keyboard or adjust the brightness levels as per your choice.

Do HP Laptops Have Light Up Keyboards?

Yes, many HP laptops like the HP Envy x360, HP Omen 15, HP ZBook 15V, etc. are equipped with a backlit keyboard. You can find options with single-color backlighting or RGB lighting on HP laptops.  

However, this feature is not available in all HP laptops because not everybody considers a backlit keyboard important and/or worth the extra few bucks. Therefore, if you’re up for buying an HP laptop, make sure to check the availability of the keyboard backlighting feature beforehand. 

HP Keyboard Light Not Working

In most cases, as compared to HP laptops with Apple Macbooks. the keyboard light easily works by pressing the correct key, provided your laptop supports the backlighting function. But if your keyboard light is not working by pressing the keys, there’s a chance the Action Keys Mode is not enabled on your laptop. 

To allow the Action Keys Mode to your laptop:

  1. Open the BIOS settings on your laptop.
  2. In the BIOS, look for BIOS Setup or BIOS Setup Utility and select it.
  3. Then, go to the System Configuration tab and navigate to the Action Keys Mode.
  4. If it’s disabled, enable the Action Key Mode and try again with the backlighting. 

The Backlighting Stays on for a Few Seconds Only

If the backlighting of the keyboard goes off after every few seconds, you can easily fix it in the BIOS settings of your laptop.

To change the timeout settings of your keyboard backlighting:

  1. Launch BIOS on your laptop.
  2. On the BIOS screen, go to the Advanced tab using the arrow keys of your keyboard.
  3. Find and click on Built-in Device Options.
  4. Here, you’ll find Backlit Keyboard Timeout settings. 
  5. Open the settings and set the timeout to your desired time. 

How to Adjust the Brightness of the Keyboard Backlight?

To adjust the brightness of your backlit keyboard:

  1. Press the dedicated backlighting button on your keyboard 2 to 3 times continuously. The mild will dim or brighten with every press.
  2. If it doesn’t work this way, try using the Fn key combined with the dedicated backlighting key from the Function keys row.

How to Know if My Laptop Has Backlit Keyboard?

The simplest way to find out if your laptop has a backlit keyboard is to take a look at the Function keys row. Laptops that are equipped with a keyboard backlighting feature have at least one dedicated key for backlighting operations. 

In HP laptops, F5, F9, or F11 keys are mostly designated for keyboard backlighting settings i.e. turning it on/off or adjusting brightness levels. If you cannot find the backlighting icon (represented by three square keys and three light rays flashing out from them) on your keyboard then, your laptop does not have a backlit keyboard.

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