How Many Watts Does The Laptop Use

How many Watts does the Laptop use when charging?

Computers and laptops do not require a lot of electricity to run, but you may be curious about how many watts your laptop uses when charging.

I am here to help you answer that question so that you know exactly how many watts a laptop use per hour. You will be amazed to find that the numbers are really low!

Your standard laptops will typically use up to 90 watts per hour, but some more advanced ones – like gaming laptops and so on – can go up to 180 watts per hour.

These numbers are quite low because existing light bulbs still use 100 watts per hour. So laptop scores are very low when it comes to power consumption.

How can you find out how many watts your laptop uses when charging

If you don’t want to go with the standard limit of “about 90 Watts per hour” you can usually find out exactly how much power your laptop needs.

All you have to do is check the laptop charger. Almost everyone will have this information.

As you can see below, my 17-inch gaming laptop (which requires more power than your standard kid’s laptop), will use 180 watts per hour:

To find out the prices for your particular laptop model, just look at your charger and see what you’re outputting (it will probably be the only number followed by W, which is Watts).

How much does a laptop cost per hour

Now, even if you know the amount of Watts your charger will send to your laptop to work, the fact is that in most cases, your laptop will consume a lot.

So if you use a battery or a charger, your laptop will use a smaller amount of watts than what you see written on your charger. The maximum value to use is the number on the charger (usually 90 watts).

The actual power consumption will vary from laptop to laptop, but it will also depend on consumption. If your laptop does nothing, it will use any power, while it will require less internet browsing and much more gaming, for example.

It’s like your phone: when you do a lot of things on it, the battery drains faster.

Here are some of the most important factors that affect the power consumption of your laptop:

1. Screen size of Laptop

A large screen will require more watts to operate. So small laptops use less power. it is important to know that a 16-inch screen usually takes 55 to 60 watts per hour. it is not fun at all when you got your electricity bill at month’s end.

2. Consumptions from Internal components

If your laptop has a dedicated Graphics card (and if you use it again), it will use a lot of power. Having numerous hard discs or SDDs increases power consumption.

Also, the CPU contributes to power consumption, but it often depends on what you do on your laptop. More CPU is needed to perform tasks, and a laptop will use more power.

3. External boundaries usage

Anything you add to your laptop without a power source will increase the power consumption of your laptop: mouse, external keyboard, play control, or additional monitor… there are many options here.

And they will all use some energy to work, so if you want to save energy, remember to remove the input when you are not using it.

The conclusion

As you can see, the power consumption of your laptop computer varies depending on the model, the equipment you use, and what you do with your laptop, it will still use very little power in general.
But don’t worry if you think that you got stuck, a simple solution is to use a laptop wisely when you have to do some work or gaming. otherwise turned it off.

Frequently Asked Questions  

How much power does a laptop consume per hour?

A standard 15-inch laptop computer uses 60 watts per hour.

Do laptops use a lot of electricity?

The laptop uses between 50 and 100 W / hour when used, depending on the model. An eight-hour laptop computer uses between 150 and 300 kWh and emits between 44 and 88 kg of CO2 per year. In standby mode, the power consumption of desktop and laptop drops to about three.

How many watts does a 17-inch laptop use?

The 17-inch laptop comes with a 90-watt charging adapter.

How many watts does the HP laptop use?

A laptop typically uses 50 watts of electricity, equivalent to 0.05 kWh

How much power does a laptop use when doing nothing?

Using a wide range of laptops, I found that the central laptop when connected to a wall uses 25 watts of electricity when consumed and 62 watts when used.

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