How To Select The Best Laptop As An Artist In 2024

You need to invest your money in something legitimate. When buying an artist laptop, there are many features that you need to check on an integrated device. From its battery life to processor to built-in features, everything is important.

Best 11 Laptops For Artists

Core Count of a Processor

The processor is the unit of power of your portable computer. The influential component of portable computer performance depends on the main computation of its processor. Just think how annoying it can be to use an expensive laptop and discover that its function is as lazy as a snail.

The minimum processing number you need to choose is the Intel 8th generation Core i5 processor. This processor is powerful enough to give you a smooth and satisfying performance.

Chrome OS Vs. Mac OS Vs. Windows 10

However, deciding this is not as easy as it may seem. Since you are not familiar with any of the above operating systems, let us cover this.

  • Chrome OS: The Chromebooks operating system is known as Chrome OS. This app is safe to use but does not work better than Mac OS and Windows 10.

If you want a portable computer that specializes in online chat, browsing, and social media, and portable, then Chromebook is perfect. The Chromebook price range is also very affordable.

  • Mac OS: Apple Mac Books has the Mac OS app. In general performance, Mac Books work very well. But the only part missing is that they do not have a touchscreen display.

To date, Apple has not produced a MacBook with a touch screen. check out our MacBook listing.

  • Windows 10: Here is the latest but most effective system for laptops. Notebook is a portable and affordable way out there. Features such as a touchscreen display, fingerprint lock, Cortana digital support, and dual photo cards are part of Notebooks.

Windows 10 is a great way for artists, students, doctors, and researchers.

Choosing the Right Display

So, what do you think? What screen size is best for an artist? Today, portable digital computers come in a variety of display sizes. It is up to you to decide. According to the sixth rule, the larger the screen size, the greater the user experience.

Consider a 13.3-inch screen size with AMD images you can also measure the size of the laptop with this guide. Display quality should be full HD. Do not look forward to a 4K display as this consumes a high percentage of battery.

Choosing the Right Storage Capacity

You invest in a portable computer to save and secure your data professionally. For the beginner artist, the 256 SSD and 8 GB RAM are complete. But if you are a paid artist, consider a 512 SSD and 16 GB RAM storage. With this position, you can easily save high-quality files without hanging problems.

Never underestimate Battery Time

Never invest in a portable computer with poor battery life. I repeat, never again. The artist’s life is all about moving from here to there. And how frustrating can it be if your laptop computer runs out and you do not have a charging socket near you?

The maximum battery life you should consider in terms of your work is 8-10 hours.

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Should I get a laptop or tablet for digital art?

With a good computer and a graphics tablet, you should be able to get started with digital art straight immediately. Most novices begin here before progressing to more feature-rich and pricey gadgets later on. Graphics tablets are also the most precise of the three.

What is the optimal RAM for digital art?

An optimal amount of RAM would be 8-16GB, and 32GB would be fantastic if you can afford it. Photoshop is the biggest RAM drinker on my Mac, and I’ve found that 16GB is more than enough to work swiftly and without slowdowns or frustrating hangs.

What laptop specs do I need for digital art?

A good mid-range laptop will suffice and will be able to run all of the software required for digital art. A high-resolution display is essential for a good laptop for digital art. A dedicated GPU is required if you intend to create high-resolution images.


I hope the above insight will help you to choose the best portable computer for an artist.

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