How To Keep Gaming Laptop Cool

Overheating is a major problem for gaming laptops. I will tell you how to keep your laptop cool while playing. no matter how long or powerful the session is. I will guide you in a better way.

Gaming laptops are something. (Enlightenment) is light, portable, and packaging desktop capabilities suitable for integrated, easy-to-handle graphics processing capabilities and everyday usage. But unfortunately, this congestion is their biggest weakness.

Even standard laptops can make and hold high temperatures. Insert a powerful GPU inside it, and the situation gets worse.

After all, there is very little that hardware makers can do to keep such a small space cool when the CPU and GPU are under heavy load.

So, how do you keep your laptop cool while you play?

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make sure your PC cooling system is working properly, and you can offer it even more comfort!

Keep learning to find out what I am talking about.

Proper Placement

Preferably the laptop should be placed on a flat solid surface when used especially if it is under a heavy load.

When placed in a soft spot such as your bed or thigh, any or all of the fan material underneath will be disturbed, thus preventing air circulation and preventing the cooling system from working properly. Conversely, when placed on a solid surface, the rubber feet of the laptop lift it slightly to allow fans to absorb a sufficient amount of cool air.

If there is no solid place to store the laptop, you can do one of the following:

Keep it on your lap while making sure you do not block fan access.
Lift it by using a book, box, or another solid object such as a tent.


If you think that air is constantly circulating through a laptop, in the end, the formation of dust is inevitable. There is no way to prevent this, and the best thing you can do is clean your laptop regularly, maybe every three to six months.

Now, cleaning the laptop is easy. Here’s how to do it:

  • Buy a can of pressed air. This is the only tool you will need to clean your laptop without turning it on.
  • Make sure the laptop is powerless and get some cool time before starting.
  • Hold the laptop to its side to expose the fan grilles below.
  • Bring the can close to the grille and sprinkle.
IMPORTANT: Always make sure the can is in a vertical position, or liquid air may leak out and damage the hardware.
  • Move and lubricate the laptop around the cleaning to fit properly on all sides. Keep doing this until you can no longer see the dust coming out.
  • Clean the Fan also by reading the fan cleaning guide

Extra Cooling

In addition to taking steps to ensure that your internal cooling system of the laptop works properly, did you know that you can also get a laptop cooler, or a cooling pad, as it is sometimes called?

This is a simple and cheap accessory that can be very helpful for any hot issues you may be facing. The cooling pad is probably the most important in the case of gaming laptops.

How to use cooling pads is simple: put them on top, then put your laptop on top, plug them into one of the USB laptop ports, and let the fan do its job. Eventually, you will see lower temperatures during longer playtimes due to increased airflow.

Additional steps

If you have done all of the above while your laptop is still warming up, there may be a hardware problem or software that needs to be fixed.

Insufficient Hardware

True, a dedicated GPU creates the right amount of heat, but if I am talking about a low-level GPU that is heavily pressured by today’s games, then the temperatures may be uncontrollable. The same goes for CPUs with integrated graphics chips (almost all Intel CPUs) or one of the AMD APUs.

Therefore, if you see a noticeable decrease in temperature associated with an increase in temperature, this means that your drawing processor is reaching critical temperatures. In this case, you need to further the cooling process by cleaning or getting a cooling pad, and especially both.

If that doesn’t work, there are two things you can do:

  • Reduce the in-game settings. This will make the GPU work harder and, inevitably, produce less heat. It’s best to start with powerful GPU features like ambient installation or anti-aliasing. However, lowering the display resolution is a surefire way to help a GPU with a date or enabled time-keeping.
  • Get an external GPU. These are excellent ways to get desktop-level graphics on a laptop, all the while greatly reducing internal heat production. However, they are very expensive, and you need to make sure your CPU is strong enough to handle the GPU you plan to get.


Many modern laptops (especially those designed for gambling) have many internal fans that help keep everything cool. If one of those fans wasn’t working properly, you could see the temperature rise.

A good way to look at this without turning on a laptop is simply to use your ears. Just put the system under a heavy load so that all fans can move around at high speed and listen carefully to all the inputs. There are two gifts for eye contact – or rather, ear -:

  • The noise – The faulty fan may produce a variety of noises, grinding, or exhaustion for a long time before it is eliminated. If your fan makes any noise that is not typical of a roaming fan, there is a chance that you are not fully functional. disable your fan at this time.
  • Peace – Obviously, no fan will sit idly by while the laptop is under heavy load. If you notice that the fan is not making noise even if the laptop is under pressure, then it is almost broken and should be replaced.

Final Words

Browsing with a laptop is not as easy as on a desktop PC. It is usually best to have your most expensive gaming laptop repaired by an expert instead of breaking it down on your own.

Sometimes, if you do not keep your laptop cool then it also affects your laptop speed. I have another guide for you on how to speed up your laptop efficiency & performance in different easy ways.

Some of our tips give you a good place to start to cool your laptop when it is very hot. However, if you are not a professional person, it is best to ask a friend or professional for help.

Never turn on your laptop while the warranty is in place, as this will invalidate the warranty!

If none of these tips are helpful, there may be an error in one of your hardware components that will not be easily resolved. If your laptop is new and still has a warranty, then it will not hurt to contact its manufacturer.

Describe your problem, as manufacturers often become aware of the problem and may offer you specific tips for your device.

Also, you can browse specific forums for your laptop and gain valuable insights. If the laptop is old, it may also be that the hardware is simply not being used to handle the load of the current game system and systems. In this case, only new acquisitions will bring improvement if you do not want to do without the latest game titles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s So Hot About A Gaming Laptop?

Outside of 80 ° C, most gaming laptops will start to get crowded

Is it okay for a gaming laptop to heat up?

High temperatures are considered bad. Heat kills parts quickly. Running is hot for a long time so it’s not okay. CPU and GPU are designed to operate at high temperatures, it will restore performance if temperatures are too high

Do play laptops last longer?

The short answer is that a mid-range gaming laptop will take 3-4 years. For older models, it can help you for 4-6 years. Depending on its components, you can expect 10 years of service. But chances are that your gaming laptop won’t be able to keep up with all the software updates at that time.

Does the cooling fan help the laptop?

If you have a room with cool air, it is best to use a laptop there. … Laptop cooling pipes have fans in them that help with the flow of cool air that keeps your laptop cool at all times. It also helps to optimize your laptop.

Can i use a laptop while charging?

Of course, it’s okay to use a laptop while charging. … Some manufacturers like Lenovo offer a ‘battery health mode’ that does the same thing – lowering the charging limit by 50%. Make sure your laptop is in good condition while playing so that the battery temperature is not too high for battery life.

Does the laptop Cooler increase FPS?

Cooling a gaming laptop will help keep temperatures down, and technically it will improve performance, but the fact is that you can’t improve your gaming experience by putting a few fans under your laptop.

Is the cooling pad suitable?

If your laptop has heat-related problems, laptop cooling packs are a cheap and effective way to solve your problems. While not the ultimate solution, they can raise a failed device at the expense of a single PC game.

Does a laptop cooler make a difference?

From our research, I see that laptop cooling pads do the job and help lower temperatures. And lower temperatures translate into better performance and less exhaustion. Cheap to buy. They make a significant difference in thermal performance

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